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​Next steps:

Huge Picture is aiming to bring *POP – An Apocalyptic Parody, with music by Men Without Hats* into full production! Securing partnerships, corporate sponsorships and private investments to present *POP* to Toronto audiences for its first preview run is the ultimate goal. From there, we hope it gains even more momentum to maintain a longer Toronto run and go on to be produced across the country to audiences and fans coast to coast.

We are looking to provide the best platform to introduce this potentially groundbreaking new Canadian stage-work and introduce it to the world in the best possible light.

We are developing this as a technologically groundbreaking stage-spectacular, using advanced visual effect techniques, fueled with high tempo dance numbers. *POP* will be a nostalgic stage delight that delivers a message of conservation and the human connection. Something the planet and humanity needs right now. 

“80’s techno-pop meets a dystopian future – where music moves and rhythm rules”

A few behind-the-scene photos from our ​*POP* treatment shoot:

​Show Synopsis:

The year is 2225, the human population has hit 100 billion and the Earth is on the brink. Resources have run dry, temperatures continue to rise and the New World Order is in play, using technology to keep humanity under tight control. The world has been split into Divisions, countries are obsolete, and the masses live in camp-like compounds with limited rights and freedoms. They have been implanted with mind-controlling ‘software’ and are being forced into an AI evolution. Because of the population surge, the powers-that-be are planning a cull, to destroy the majority of the population for the sake of the planet’s survival. However, the masses have other plans. Led by Johnny and Jenny, the ‘Rests’, as they’re called, have to stop the ‘system update’ designed by the ‘Rights’ and evil doctor Ben. This system update will kill anyone who installs it so they need to act fast. In Earth’s final hour, will humanity survive? Or is the World finally ready to POP.

It’s a musical with a social message, told through intense up-tempo choreography and advanced visual effect treatments - this stage experience will move the audience in more ways than one. A dire warning of what could come, told with a jazz-hand flair.

Taking cues from Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’, Abba’s ‘Mamma Mia’ and Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’, the legendary music of Men Without Hats tells a story that begs to play out on stage. With the continued success of these now famous stage musical hits, Huge Picture sees a unique opportunity to showcase a world-renowned Canadian pop band, alongside our original story. 

​With consent from Men Without Hats and their management, Huge Picture has initiated a stage concept that fuses the best in 80’s dance-pop with a futuristic dystopian tale, curating all the components of a classic.

Hello The Original Musical Stage Show in Toronto

HUGE Picture Productions hello the original musical stage show. Hello the original musical stage show in Toronto.

*POP* an apocalyptic parody - with music by MEN WITHOUT HATS